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Building Your Estate Plan to Eliminate Conflict

Children, including minors and adults, may disagree about family circumstances, especially when it comes to inheriting your estate. Relationships can change and intensify when you die, with underlying issues that bubble to the surface, creating tensions over your estate and possibly…

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Inheritance Settlement

Whether you are identifying an executor (say, on your behalf) or you are the chosen executor, there are certain criteria to consider - the complexity of the task and how you will go about it. The following responsibilities follow the…

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Having A Will Is Imperative

A last will and testament specify how your property will be distributed when you die, as well as how your dependents will be provided for. It is wise to create a will for your peace of mind and your loved…

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Estate Administration in Court

Probate is the method by which judicial officials, including probate judges, process a decedent’s will. While Pennsylvania probate laws may vary, the general process is quite similar across the country. Probate is the process of proving wills for decedents’. A…

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